Residential Services

Solar with Batteries

We offer a solar array and a lithium ion battery system. Your system will generate power during the day to run your home and the excess power is stored in your battery system. At night, when there is no sun to power your house, you pull the power back from your battery system. You will still have the utility as a backup if you need additional power.

With 20 year financing, assuming you use your tax credits to reduce the cost of the system, your monthly payment could be less than you currently pay to your utility company. You will have the peace of mind knowing that when there is a power failure you will still have power.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water can reduce your electric bill by 30% or more. We offer a variety of options for your hot water needs and we will customize a program for your specific needs. We offer financing for whatever hot water system is best for you and with our zero money down financing your payment will be significantly less than you are currently paying to your utility for your hot water.

Solar Air Conditioning

If you or your family are at home during a major part of the day solar air conditioning may be right for you. Your solar panels will power your air conditioning unit while the sun is shining. It is also possible to add a battery to back up your solar panels to extend your time of usage. Solar Air Conditioning is a very cost effective way to cut your utility bill.

Power Shaver

Being energy efficient is as important as generating energy. These state-of-the-art single phase efficiency systems provide residential customers energy-reducing, power-conditioning, and surge protection methods and benefits. Installing a power shaver will not only save you money on your electricity bill but will also help protect your appliances and lengthen the life expectancy of your appliances.

Led Lights

Changing out your lights bulbs can save you significant dollars every month on your electricity bill with minimum outlay. The price of LED lights has come down significantly in the last few years. Not only will changing out your light bulbs save you money each month but your LED light bulbs will give you better quality light and your bulbs will last much longer.