Commercial Services

Solar with Batteries

If a business has significant daytime usage then solar makes good economic sense. In some cases a business can install a system without involving the utility company provided the business can secure curtailment where there is no possibility of power being exported to the grid. In many cases having a battery backup system in conjunction with a solar array makes more economic sense. We have financing and can offer a Power Purchase Agreement where your business can obtain power for less than they are currently paying the utility.

Solar Hot Water

In many cases hot water can make up a significant portion of a business’s utility bill. If that is the case then a commercial hot water system will create significant savings. We offer a variety of options for your hot water needs and we will customize a program for your specific needs. We offer financing for whatever hot water system is best for you and with our zero money down financing your payment will be significantly less than you are currently paying to your utility for your hot water.

Solar Air Conditioning

We have a major involvement with the community installing solar air conditioning in schools. Solar air conditioning makes perfect sense for businesses that operate during day time hours. Your solar panels will power your air conditioning unit while the sun is shining. It is also possible to add a battery to back up your solar panels to extend the time of usage for your air conditioning.

Led Lights

One of the first thing any business should do when looking to save money on their electric bill is to have an audit completed of their lighting. Lighting in some cases can account for 30% or more of a business’s power bill. Changing to LED will not only save a business significant dollars but will also provide better light and virtually eliminate lighting maintenance. Energy saving should always be reviewed before energy generation.